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We need to protect our sons, brothers and fathers
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by Belinda de Lucy | @BelindadeLucy
May 16, 2020 at 7:53 am

I spat out my tea when I saw a tweet by the Socialists in the European Parliament claiming “women are the most vulnerable in this #COVID19 crisis”.

All the evidence shows male deaths far eclipse those of women. In the UK, men are twice more likely to die.

Last week the Department of Health said the virus was having a “disproportionate impact on certain genders” – avoiding the term ‘men’. This is life and death stuff, the public needs facts – not student wokeism. Figures show men in low-paid jobs, such as security guards and drivers, are at greater risk than any other group and accounted for three-quarters of deaths during the first month of lockdown.

We know lifestyle choices have an impact.  Men have higher levels of obesity than women, smoke and drink more. But focusing on this does a major disservice to menfolk.

Men are also victims of biology. They often have weaker immune systems and are more susceptible to infections like influenza, irrespective of underlying health conditions. Science suggests ‘Man Flu’ is actually a thing. According to a study in the European Heart Journal, men have more ACE2 receptors – enzymes on cells that Coronaviruses attach to – while women produce more antibodies. 

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However, the news today proves Wokeism has different priorities, from the absence of women at press conferences to comments about female leaders being better than men. 

Okay, Jacinda Ardern – the New Zealand PM – has done brilliantly to contain the virus. Despite New Zealand having fewer people than the City of London, Jacinda still deserves credit for being a decisive leader. Not for having a vagina. Interesting that nobody battered an eyelid when Ardern, this poster girl for liberalism, shut the borders. Compare that to the outrage at Trump’s Chinese travel ban. 

Belgium by the way, governed by Sophie Wilmès, has the highest death rate in the world. 

Even the Dalai Lama had a go: “I urge young women to accept leadership roles. We need you to promote love and compassion. Realise my dream – that the 200 nations of the world be governed by women.

200 hundred Margaret Thatchers are definitely better than 200 Justin Trudeaus – but hardly because she was more ‘gentle’. Let’s promote merit over sex. After all it’s what Feminists have demanded for years. The idea that women are from ‘gentle’ Venus and men are from ‘warlike’ Mars is dangerous – and tragically apparent in suicide rates.

The Samaritans point out men are three times more likely to take their lives than women. In 2009 following the financial crisis, there were 4884 excess suicides, almost all men. The spike in suicides is attributed to unemployment. 

Last year 6,507 UK men committed suicide: 17 men and boys every day.  I was moved to hear a caller on the news say men may struggle more during isolation as camaraderie happens in the pub and on the football field while guys aren’t good at calling up friends to admit they feel low.

We need a national discussion on what is making life so unbearable that death is the only option for an alarming number of men, young men. Before the full economic fallout of Covid.

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There has been a fixation on the flaws of men in the West since Women’s Rights were enshrined in law: a notion that boys are to blame for all ills, past, present and future, so harder to generate the same compassion when they suffer. From mansplaining to manspreading men are readily portrayed as faulty, this can’t be healthy for the male psyche.

There’s much attention on the social impact of the virus on women, policies and extra funding to tackle domestic violence are essential. Men face different but no less life-threatening consequences. Men are not just more likely to die from the virus, but from mental health issues linked to it too. Time to give men and boys the attention these dangers merit.

Boris Johnson said there’s a chance a Covid vaccine may never be found, while we are about to face an economic crisis. 

We need to protect our sons, brothers and fathers. I, for one, really like having them around.

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