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We need decisive action to restore law and order on streets of London
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by David Kurten AM | @davidkurten
June 5, 2020 at 7:26 am

The events on the streets of London this week were a disgrace as protests turned into scenes of violent thuggery.

There is no excuse for the desecration of The Cenotaph, or the assaults which took place, and they must be condemned unequivocally.

Yet London Mayor Sadiq Khan has unashamedly given succour to the protests. He said on Twitter: “The brutal killing of George Floyd has rightly ignited fury around the world. I stand in solidarity with black people experiencing systematic racism, and commit to use my voice to amplify theirs.”

The London Mayor is the Police and Crime Commissioner for London and responsible for keeping London safe. In condoning ‘fury’ and talking up a false narrative of systemic racism, he is adding fuel to the fire. He is also undermining the fundamental understanding of crime and justice which we have in Western civilisation, that everyone is individually responsible for their actions.

It is right that the police officer who killed George Floyd faces justice for what he did; it is absolutely wrong to politicise his death to propagandise the far-Left narrative that Western nations like the USA and the UK are inherently racist.

While everybody around the world is shocked at the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, this incident has been fixed and polarised in order to push the wider far-left political agenda. This exactly follows the maxims of Saul Alinsky, the father of modern Marxist activism who wrote in his book Rules for Radicals: ‘Pick a target, freeze it, personalise it, polarise it.’

The worldwide outpouring of outrage over the death of George Floyd is highly selective. There have been no tears from the left-wing protestors over the murder of little 7-year-old Emily Jones who was stabbed to death in Bolton. A woman from Albania is said to have been charged with murder.

There is no desire from the mainstream media or any of the mainstream political parties to put an end to the horrific suffering of white girls at the hands of grooming and rape gangs across the United Kingdom. It is known from the 2017 Quilliam Foundation report that the vast majority of the perpetrators of these crimes are men of Pakistani origin. The same liberal-left political elite who are now freezing and amplifying the events in Minneapolis do everything possible to avoid mentioning migrant crime or rape gangs.

The protests against non-existent ‘systemic racism’ are taking place despite the fact that Coronavirus restrictions are still in place banning public gatherings. While a peaceful gathering of 100 or so anti-lockdown protestors in Hyde Park on 30th May was broken up by a heavy police presence, the far more menacing Black Lives Matter protests have been given carte blanche to continue by the messaging of the Mayor and his chosen Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, who said yesterday that the police did not break up these protests as they were afraid it would lead to trouble.

This attitude is completely wrong and it is not surprising that there is now a breakdown in law and order. There must be swift and decisive action to restore law and order on the streets of London before there are more assaults and trouble spreads to more towns and cities in the UK. Antifa should be designated a terrorist organisation in the UK as they are set to be in America.

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The Mayor of London should also direct the Metropolitan Police to stop kneeling before the mob, and to take action to disperse and prohibit more of these violent protests using Public Order notices. If Sadiq Khan is not willing to do this, Parliament should strip him of his role as Police and Crime Commissioner for London, and the national government should take direct control of policing in London in order to prevent more thuggery and vandalism, and save lives.

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