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Tony Blair Institute: Our teams are embedded in governments
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by Westmonster | @WestmonsterUK
May 9, 2020 at 5:06 pm

The Tony Blair Institution today: “Our teams are now embedded in governments around the world”. That’ll be news to a lot of people. Who voted for that?

In a video posted on Twitter, Blair himself says of their work: “Advise governments how to keep people as safe as possible, protect them as much as possible but not simply in in respect of Covid-19 itself but in relation to the collateral damage done by the disease.”

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The former Prime Minister talks of his Institute being focused on three areas: Exit strategies (“particularly in the UK and other countries”), work in Africa (“with many different governments there”) and “working on the global coordination picture”.

Blair also refers to looking at the “global architecture of government” itself.

The video has drawn some backlash on social media, with former MEP and Brexiteer Roger Helmer writing: “I’m sure that Tony is adding value to their deliberations. And collecting a fair bit of value, too. He’s an important invisible export. But I’d be happier if he’d stay invisible.”

Whilst Gawain Towler wrote: “Really not comfortable with Blair having teams of mini-Blair’s embedded in Governments around the world. Democratic oversight anyone?”

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