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Pandemic socialism will condemn us to years of economic misery
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by Rupert Lowe | @RupertLowe10
May 22, 2020 at 7:55 am

Two weeks ago I wrote that both journalists and epidemiologists had no reason to come out of this crisis with their heads held high – how right I was.

A reporter from the Financial Times took offence and attempted to shift blame to the Government – the hack doth protest too much.

It is far too easy for these jumped-up ‘journalists’ to sit in the comfort of their leafy gardens and protest that the working class have the cheek to go and sit in a park for an hour to enjoy the sunshine.

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Why is Nigel Farage the only one doing any real journalism in this country? The scandal unfolding in the English Channel has only been revealed thanks to his dedicated work. 

They bleat on about the importance of 2 metres without thinking about the consequences for real people. It’s easy to socially distance and write pithy stories listing the top 10 reasons why Coronavirus means we should rejoin the EU from a quaint Surrey town, but 2 metres means thousands of bankrupt businesses and millions of lost livelihoods.

Prof Robert Dingwall, of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG) has said it was ‘conjured out of nowhere.’ An anonymous civil servant picked it out of a hat and now it’s the new religion in our country. 

The WHO recommendation of 1 metre seems sensible and would allow life to return to some normality.

I have had a fantastic team of contractors on my farm for some months now, they tell me a prolongation of this rule will finish their business – 1 metre can work, 2 can’t. I’ve tried to go through plans with them whilst keeping our 2 metres, it’s impossible.

The Government have made some meek noises on this but little action has been taken. In my mind there is no question that Boris has been shaken by his illness. This is no slight on the man who is doing admirable work on Brexit, but we need real leadership now and the bravery to take difficult and unpopular decisions.

Starmer and the Unions have them on the run. Boris needs to face up to them and get this country moving. At the moment they are scared of their own tails and are petrified of any nasty headlines. Even if it’s not universally popular in the short run, in a year or two people will understand that getting out of lockdown was the right decision for the country.

It is simply economically illiterate to expect the Government to pay the country’s wages for the foreseeable future. Where is this money coming from? I fear we could soon be seeing some of the largest tax rises of my lifetime. There will be nothing left to tax if they’re not careful.

We were always told we were two weeks behind Italy when it fit the Government’s message, but on Monday bars and restaurants reopened across Rome and elsewhere. Will we be opening ours in ten days? More like ten weeks.

As Thatcher famously said: “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” This form of pandemic socialism could only ever work for a short period of time before deep issues took hold.

When we fall into a depression and millions lose their livelihoods, the journalists who shouted the loudest to keep us trapped in lockdown will be the first to complain.

It’s a sad fact that many won’t face up to. If we stay hidden in lockdown, that will kill more people than the virus ever will. Oncologist Professor Karol Sikora has estimated 50,000 cancer patients could die unnecessarily if we don’t get moving soon, where’s the howling from the media for them?

The politicians need to be straight with the people. Ignore the hysterical journalists and let’s have a proper discussion about how we get out of this mess and fast. The cowardly dithering has to stop. 

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