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It’s time to defund the BBC – the people have had enough.
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by James Yucel | @JamesLYucel
June 8, 2020 at 9:42 am

Life’s interesting, isn’t it? A week ago I was watching Netflix at my parent’s house in Ipswich without a care in the world. Today? I have woken up to 35,000 followers on an account I set up several hours ago and calls for me to be on radio shows, podcasts and interviews in London.

Whilst I didn’t expect my campaign to gain the attention that it did, I cannot say I am not happy with the progress we have made. Defunding the BBC is a vital step in restoring the people’s trust in our media and it is one that we must work together to achieve.

Ultimately, the BBC is not impartial. It refuses to tell its audience the political background of its guests, allowing many Labour activists to present themselves as a balanced view, despite holding a deep-seated hatred for the government.

Many have tried for reform but it is now strikingly clear that they just won’t change. Therefore, it is with regret, that I feel the only solution is to scrap the Licence Fee and allow them to adapt a Sky or Netflix subscription model, where the people of this country are not forced to pay for television or, in fact, their right to a balanced view.

But how do we achieve this? Hashtags? Petitions? Letters to your MP? No. We will defund the BBC ourselves and simply stop paying our fees, legally and peacefully.

Below, I am going to link a fantastic video by ‘ChilliJonCarne’ titled ‘How to Legally & Peacefully Avoid Paying For A TV License’ where Jon explains exactly how to stop paying your fee, without any hassle, free of charge, in under 5 minutes. Simply fill in a form and you will be exempt from paying your Licence Fee for two years. After two years, you simply fill it in again.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – the people demand change.

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Watch how to Legally & Peacefully Avoid Paying For A TV License: 

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