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Calais MP: Illegal crossings due to British law and way of life
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by Westmonster | @WestmonsterUK
July 29, 2020 at 12:07 pm

A French Member of the National Assembly has claimed that the huge number of illegal migrant boat crossings to the UK are fuelled by “British law and way of life”.

It comes some have said that evictions from the Calais camp are fuelling the number of crossings being made.

Calais MP Pierre-Henri Dumont said he too noticed a “huge dismantlement” of a migrant camp before Priti Patel’s visit.

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However, he said that since then migrants have returned to the area in larger numbers.

He added: “To me, there is no link between the dismantlement and the crossings.

“The huge number of crossings is the result of the British law and way of life, making it easier for the migrants to live in clandestinity in the UK, to work and find a place to live, than in France.

“Actually, the migrants in Calais would rather live clandestinely in the UK than claiming asylum in France.”

He also defended police actions in the area.

Following their joint visit to Calais on July 12, Ms Patel and new French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin agreed to create a Franco-British intelligence cell in an effort to reduce the numbers of small boats making it to the UK.

On the same day, a record number of migrants made it to the UK, with at least 180 making it across the Channel.

Dozens of boats have made it across with hundreds of illegal migrants getting to England illegally in recent weeks alone.

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