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Another 60+ cross on migrant boats
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by Westmonster | @WestmonsterUK
May 21, 2020 at 11:58 am

More than 60 people have come across on multiple migrant boats today as the problem of illegal immigration to England continues to escalate.

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After Nigel Farage had repeatedly highlighted the issue, Sky News finally got onto it and reported on multiple boats being intercepted this morning with around 65 individuals onboard.

Just yesterday, Farage had released a video showing French authorities seemingly handing migrant boats over to the UK Coastguard.

He tweeted this morning: “There are nine migrant boats reported in the Channel, looks like another record day already.

“The invasion continues yet the BBC and ITV won’t report this.”

The crossings and attempted crossings are now at a level not seen before, with more than 300+ in one recent weekend alone.

Yesterday saw 64 migrants arriving on five boats. When are the government going to get a grip on this?

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